Monday, 7 January 2013

Lancaster's Global Link gets £50K Arts Council boost

Lancaster-based charity Global Link has been awarded £50,000 in Arts Council funding to continue its global education work through the arts for the next two years.

"This is very good news for Global Link, the global artists in our North-West directory, and for schools," commented Manager Gisela Renolds.

"The £50,000 Arts Council funding enables Global Link to continue to support global artists working in North West schools, bringing the global dimension into education through their art forms. ‘

In a previous Arts Council-funded project, Global Link set up a global artist directory and website, featuring the work of global artists around the North West. These artists include people who have heritage in Africa, Asia and Latin America and artists who are specifically addressing key concepts in schools relating to the global dimension (eg sustainable development, diversity or human rights).

40 schools in the North West previously benefited by receiving subsidies to bring global artists into their schools to work with their pupils, and there are a further 50 subsidies available to schools and library services in the North West over the next 2 years.

"We would welcome another artist any day!" enthused one teacher from Navigation Primary School.

"This was highly successful art project with very positive feedback from staff and pupils," said W Zaidi from Rolls Crescent Primary School. "The children’s work has been very attractively displayed in a focal point in the school."

"It was a very worthwhile and enjoyable session, the children were fully engaged throughout," said K Sutherland of Dane Ghyll Primary School. "They now have a better understanding of children living in another country."

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