Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Morecambe Youth Centre celebrates talents

Stanley’s Youth and Community Centre, Morecambe, is celebrating a year of successes for its young people and are entering 2013 on a high note – literally.

Two of the centre’s members have achieved great success in the regional talent show, Lancashire Association of Boys and Girls Clubs Got Talent. India Pattemore, from Morecambe, won first place in the junior heat, and Cara Hughes, also from Morecambe, won first place in the senior heat for their singing talents. This month [January] India and Cara will record a track each at a recording studio in Forton, Lancashire, owned by one of the event’s judges. Cara will also compete in the Furness Building Society Charity Challenge’s Grand Final which takes places at The Grand Theatre, Lancaster, on Saturday 19 January. Winners will donate a share of a £3,000 prize fund to their chosen good cause.

Senior Youth Worker and Centre Manager, Lauren Denman, who runs Stanley’s on a day to day basis, said: “It’s absolutely brilliant that our young people are being given opportunities to show off their talents to a wider audience and be able to experience a day in a recording studio. All the work my staff and I put in to the centre to provide our members with positive activities and new experiences to engage in is really starting to pay off.”

The centre, which has over 400 young members and is based on Stanley Road in Morecambe’s West End, has also just set up a social enterprise. Run from Stanley’s kitchen, and led by Young Leader, Andy Creech, ‘Empty Bellies’ sees the young people providing food for the club members at their after school session ‘Aloud’, provides young people with various activities to engage in including cooking, music, art and sports. It runs from 3:30-6pm, Monday to Friday, each week for young people ages 8-12. Plans for a breakfast club are also afoot.

Local Councillor Ron Sands, a keen supporter of Stanley’s, said: “People are always saying to me ‘why aren’t there more activities to keep youngsters out of mischief’. Well, Stanley’s is providing that right here in the heart of the West End. The centre offers all kinds of enjoyable and purposeful activities in a safe environment, supervised by experienced and dedicated youth workers. It’s never been more difficult to guide young people away from bad to good behaviour. But we know for sure that when diversionary projects are offered, problems of vandalism and nuisance shoot down. And the happiness, satisfaction and behaviour of young people shoot up. This benefits all parents and residents living in the neighbourhood. Stanley’s needs our support - it’s a beacon of light in a very challenging area of Morecambe.”

Stanley’s Youth and Community Centre runs sessions for 12-18 year olds from 7-9pm on a Tuesday and Saturday night. Stanley’s Youth and Community Centre are still looking for funding for their projects to continue to provide a positive youth service for young people in the local community to engage in.

· If you would like to join Stanley’s Youth and Community Centre contact Lauren on 01524 410076 Email: or pop on in to the Centre at 79- 83, Stanley Road, Morecambe.

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