Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Storey Gallery: Putting it out on the Street.

Storey Gallery space

Lancaster's Arts' scene suffered a blow this week with the announcement that the Storey Gallery organisation has given up its exhibition space within the Storey Creative Industries Centre. The Gallery organisation has been based within the Storey Institute, now known as The Storey, for the past 21 years.

Sadly, due to the impacts of a succession of funding cuts, and the indirect effects of the financial difficulties of the building's recent landlord, the Storey Creative Industries Centre Ltd. which resulted in its liquidation (see previous news),  the arts organisation have decided to officially cease their programme in the gallery space.

However, artists are nothing if not creative and the Storey Gallery Organisation has been looking at fresh approaches to enhancing the artistic experience of the local community.

Storey Gallery Director John Angus said:
'This has been a difficult decision, and it is a matter of considerable regret that these splendid spaces within the Institute will no longer be programmed by Storey Gallery.

'However, we are now exploring ways to provide a different type of visual art programme for the Lancaster and Morecambe area. We plan to deliver a variety of projects outside the gallery, which explore and describe aspects of the district, drawing attention to its unique characteristics, while also making connections to global issues.

'Storey Gallery has successfully delivered several such projects previously, particularly during the period while the Storey building was being refurbished, and the gallery space was not available. For example, our collaboration with City Council planners in which an artist boarded up the old fountain in Market Square, Lancaster, resulted in the planners’ most successful public consultation ever, and led to the funding for the recent redevelopment of the Square.

'The Storey Gallery organisation aims to stimulate critical thought and reflection. In all our activities, we will be experimenting with what art can be and do.'

'For further information please contact John Angus, tel: 01524 844133/509008, info@storeygallery.org.uk.'

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