Thursday, 17 January 2013

Storey Garden may re-open to the public

A new group that hopes to re-open one of Lancaster's hidden gems, the Storey Garden, is holding a meeting next Tuesday to consider ideas for its renovation.

Lancaster City Council is now running the Storey building and also the garden, which is currently closed to the public, but the new "Friends of the Storey Garden" would very much like to see it open again.

There is quite a lot of work that needs doing to bring the garden back into use, some of which can be done by volunteers, but there will also be a need for an official group to raise money through funding bids, which could be done in partnership with the City and/or County Councils.

A number of individuals have been working in the gardens for a number of years, but without a formal structure and constitution.

One part of the gardens contains the remains of an art work by Mark Dion (though now in a state of disrepair) which was completed in the late 1990s.

If you want to help with the gardens in any way, get come to the meeting or contact Councillor Jon Barry or Annie Watson (on 01524 844113, or email or and they will put you on a contact list.

The “Friends of” group will, of course, be non-political and, ultimately, it is intended that it will function as a strong, independent organisation. For similar groups in Lancaster's Castle Ward, have a look at or

• Friends of the Storey Garden will meet on Tuesday 22nd January, 6-7.00pm in the Storey Lecture Theatre

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