Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fly Tippers back in action

Sunny weather clearly spells opportunity for fly tippers: a virtual-lancaster reader sent us these pictures, snapped this morning on the bridleway/cycletrack, halfway between Freeman's Wood and Aldcliffe Lane, this morning.

Lancaster City Council and the Environment Agency have responsibility to deal with fly tipping in the Lancaster district and the Council are responsible for clearing and investigating fly tipping on public land such as roads, parks and ginnels.

The Environment Agency investigates larger scale fly tips involving hazardous waste and organised crime gangs.

If you discover a fly tip please report it to Lancaster City Council on 01524 582491 with as much information as possible including:
  • Location
  • Time and date it was dumped
  • Description of the waste
  • Description of the persons/vehicles involved including registration number
Alternatively you can report fly-tipping online:
More info on the City Council web site

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Bay Waste said...

just shows how important it is to you a properly registered contractor to remove and dispose of your waste.

It only takes a moment to ask them to show you their valid waste license for your piece of mind.