Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Link Road Decision Bad News for Area, says TSLM

The decision to go ahead with the Heysham M6 Link Road is bad news for the area, says Transport Solutions for Lancaster and Morecambe, the local campaign group.

The Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin today announced that the £123 million scheme had been given the go-ahead, news that has been warmly welcomed by Lancashire County Council (see news story).

But David Gate of Transport Solutions said: “This is the wrong decision. The benefits claimed for the scheme are false.

“It does not solve congestion," he argues, "as the Council admitted at the recent Examination. They said then that the Link Road is not intended to solve Lancaster ’s problems”.

According to their statistics, when the Link Road is built "Traffic goes down on some roads but up on others. On Morecambe Road it does both: down in the East but up in the West.

“It won’t bring jobs," David continued, "except in the construction phase. New roads don’t create jobs, they just move them about.

"Plus, this new road will reduces journey times by only five minutes, at peak times only.”
“It won’t bring prosperity for local businesses, and businessmen know it.” Mr Gate added “When they were asked to contribute to the cost (in 2010), none did.”

"And yet there are alternatives that would work better and are cheaper, but the Council haven’t investigated them."

TSLM say they will now look at the decision and are taking legal advice, asking if all the issues - including environmental issues - were considered properly. They tell Virtual Lancaster that they are receiving encouraging advice from their lawyers who would be willing to pursue the case on a “no win no fee” basis.

Pledge Support

David Gate says: "A legal challenge would have to be made in a tight timescale (6 weeks), and of course it would require money. We have some funds, and believe we would need a further £3,000. So once again we are coming to you, who have fought against this scheme for so long, to ask for your help.

"This time, because of the uncertainties involved, we are asking now for a pledge, which we would ask you to honour only if the following condition is met:
IF our legal advisers tell us that we have a good case to mount a legal challenge,
THEN would you pledge a certain amount towards the legal costs of that challenge?

"Be assured that we would always use your money cautiously and wisely."

• Those wishing to pledge financial support should copy, complete and email the form below to: admin@heyshamm6link.info


Pledge to TSLM

IF TSLM’s legal advisers believe that there is a good case to mount a legal challenge, THEN I pledge towards the legal costs of mounting that legal challenge:

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Anonymous said...

A sad day for democracy and the decision makes an absolute mockery of the Conservative governments Localism Act which is meant to empower local people.

The majority want a bypass but not this one as it will not be the solution for the traffic congestion that is economically crippling the area. Former Morecambe Labour MP Geraldine Smith conducted a consultation exercise, a great expense to the taxpayer (she claimed the costs on her expenses)and over 80% of those who took part were against the Northern Link!

Local authority representatives on Morecambe Town and lancaster City Council voted against the Northern Link.

In my opinion its quite obvious the purpose of the road is for the construction of a third nuclear power station at Heysham which is absolute madness because of this fact:-


19/4/02: The Lancaster Citizen has reported that a geological fault in the land next to Heysham 1 and 2 has ruled out the possibility of ever building a new nuclear power station at that site.
British Energy has admitted that existence of the fault means would be "impossible" to construct a Heysham 3 or 4.
Local environmentalists have recently been campaigning to stop an expansion of the area's nuclear power fearing that Heysham could be chosen under the Government's energy review.

What do our local MPs and Councillors have to say about this geological fault at Heysham?

Chris Satori said...

You're missing the point. If we are going to extract shale oil nearby, making the land unstable, and then build a nuclear power station over a fault-line, then all those french EDF workers will require a decent evacuation route. They just won't come otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Stop whinging and let us have a new road!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, more concrete now! I have hayfever.