Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spotlight Club mixes it up with poetry, prose and music

The Spotlight Club team are getting set to engage another fine audience with some equally fine poetry, readings and music this coming Friday (15th March 2013) at the Storey.

On the bill is music and poetry and music from Beth Cortese, plus poetry from Miss P., Jezz Mort and Pascal Desmond. The event will round off with music from Sea Rocket.

Beth Cortese is a third year English Literature and Creative Writing student at Lancaster University who enjoys reading, writing and performing poetry and is not afraid of spiders. She says she will be fusing her harp playing with poetry on Friday.

After a lifetime of writing poetry Miss P. unleashed herself and is now performing live around the north west and beyond. Every performance has brought rave reviews, and her poems straight from the heart are read with such passion that they bring smiles, tears, laughter, and rage, covering topics from love, life, social injustice, and riots.

Jez Mort is a giant wrestler, butterscotch hurler, a former world record holder in underwater biscuit folding and a performance poet. His economy brand hyperbolic profanity dives headlong into the murky pools of modern life and emerges toothless.

Searocket play songs found on the strandline by local singer-songwriter Bron Szerszynski and brought to life by fellow band-members Adrian Mackenzie, Oscar Armer, Greg Maddox and Tekla Szerszynska. Expect off-kilter love songs featuring zombie parades, extreme weather, monistic rapture, cargo cults, somatic syntony - all set to music that morphs between chanson, folk, pop, Latin, and jazz.

Compered by Simon Baker, the ace writers' event kicks off with its usual - although often unusual - Open Mic at 8.30pm. admission £4, £2 concessions

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