Friday, 19 April 2013

Calling all Community Groups

Transition City Lancaster has asked us to post the following invitation

To all Community Groups, Charities, CICs, Co-ops:
A call to support each other and possibly share assets 

In the present financial climate everybody is struggling to survive and there is a real possibility that some groups essential to the future of the Lancaster and Morecambe area will not make it through. The existence of many groups who aspire to make a sustainable and resilient future is threatened by both local and international financial conditions which leave them teetering on the edge of existence.

Often we are bidding for funds to buy the same equipment and often we're chasing the same pot of funds.  Funds are not the only thing we need to keep our heads above water - we need a bigger community involvement and client/user groups to support us, and we need to buy and renew various bits of essential equipment - whether that is a wheelbarrow, a poly-tunnel or a vehicle, office equipment, or something else.

It is possible that our thriving may depend on our ability to think laterally and use our willingness to try alternative ways of working and pooling our many and varied assets. Our end goal is the same so perhaps there are new ways we need to work together.

On Wednesday 1 May there will be a short meeting from 7-9pm upstairs at the Robert Gillow, Lancaster, to discuss assets that could possibly be shared and state needs that could possibly be jointly funded. If we all share this as widely as possible in the next few weeks it will give everyone time to pinpoint precisely how this could be of use to them.  

If you are able to attend please contact

Viv Preece, email:
Incredible Edible Lancaster
Transition City Lancaster

or Wendy Haslam, email:
Transition City Lancaster

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