Monday, 22 April 2013

Cycle campaigners call for improved A6 cycle lanes, cycling in pedestrianised areas

Local Cycle Campaign group Dynamo has been campaigning for safer cycling in Lancaster and District since 1995, and is asking local cyclists for new ideas to help decide its priorities for campaigning for the coming year.

"There have been many improvements since 1995," says group sokespewrson Dick Follows, "including cycle-lanes, shared-use-paths, advanced stop-lines, improved bike-parking and the recent 20 mph speed limits to protect both cyclists and pedestrians. Everyday improvements which we often just take for granted."

One high priority campaign on Dynamo's agenda is to have good quality cycle lanes installed on both sides of the A6 between Lancaster city centre and Lancaster University.

"Wide and continuous cycle lanes would make the A6 both safer and less congested, not only for cyclists, but for all road users," Dick argues. "This already congested arterial road is set to go critical with traffic overload when the proposed business park, supermarket and housing estates are built in the future.

"Dynamo is in contact with Lancaster County Council's highways authority, Lancaster City Council, the engineering consultants and local MPs over A6 sustainability, and we seek support from local cyclists and concerned drivers."

As well as their A6 campaign, Dynamo is currently campaigning on three other issues - all of which other road and pavement users will have their own views on.

"Firstly, we have proposed the shared use of various areas of the city centre with pedestrians, out of peak hours," says Dick. "This has been shown to be a success on Church Street and would mark a further step forward in establishing considerate shared use, and of course benefit cycle commuters.

"Secondly, we are encouraging concerned citizens to support the police in the enforcement of the highly popular 20mph speed limits that operate in most of our residential streets.

"Thirdly, Dynamo opposes the widespread and illegal parking that we so often see in cycle lanes.

"There have been so many improvements in cycling provision over recent years, helped by the six years that Lancaster was a national Cycling Demonstration Town," says Dick. "With your help, Dynamo aims to build on this momentum for the greater safety and enjoyment of all."

Dynamo is holding a cycling promotion event on Monday 29th April 2013 at 7.00 p.m., upstairs at The Gregson, Moor Lane , Lancaster. Everyone who wishes to help develop safer local cycling on a more widespread cycle network, or are just interested, are welcome to come along. A friendly welcome and cake awaits all.

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Tufty Squirrel said...

I think some cyclists have very little idea of what "considerate shared use" actually means when it comes to using their bikes in pedestrian areas. There's one guy who regularly cycles down Lune Street who beings new meaning to the term "road rage" - shouting at pedestrians who dare to be in his path (the siting of cycle lane symbols under the bridge by the river is really confusing but all the same, there's no call for it).

There are often situations where cyclists are pretty dreadful on the corner of Chapel Street and North Road, too, where there's a significant amount of pedestrian footfall and cyclists. They should be more careful. This isn't to excuse pedestrians who don't look before crossing the cycle lane but cyclists do seem on occasion to be as intolerant of other road users as some car drivers are of them...

Many are great on the canal, too but so many times they approach at speed with no warning - verbal or artificial - and their attitude to pedestrians is sometimes woeful.

Sorry to be a bit negative - I know cyclists get a raw deal and no doubt some car users will happily have a rant in response to your campaign - but I'm not in favour of bike use in the pedestrian zones. It is hardly that difficult to dismount and walk your bike in such places, as a courtesy.