Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Crime Commissioner welcomes new crime and policing bill

Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw has welcomed proposals for the new crime and policing bill, announced during today's Queen's Speech.

Tackling anti-social behaviour and ensuring Lancashire Constabulary is victim-focused are two of the Commissioner's key priorities – and today's announcement covers both of those areas.

Under the proposals, 19 existing powers to deal with anti-social behaviour would be replaced with six faster, more effective, ones. The bill would also make the rights of victims the focus, with quick action taken to deal with persistent anti-social behaviour.

Clive Grunshaw said: "I know anti-social behavior is a key concern for residents in Lancashire and it can have a serious detrimental impact on victims, raising their fear of crime and affecting their quality of life.

"I want to put the needs of victims of crime such as this at the heart of the work we do, and it is pleasing to see that focus in the new bill.

"Lancashire Constabulary has a good record on tackling anti-social behavior but we are not complacent, and I hope the proposed bill will help to continue the excellent work being done by our officers and staff."

Another element of the bill would see Police and Crime Commissioners given responsibility for commissioning victims' services.

The Commissioner said: "I welcome the proposals to transfer responsibility for commissioning victims' services to Police and Crime Commissioners.

"We are already working hard in Lancashire to establish how best to help the county's victims, and I have given my Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner, Saima Afzal MBE, special responsibility for this work.

"Discussions have already begun with partners to establish how we can work together to ensure residents in Lancashire get the best possible help and support."

The bill also includes policies to tackle forced marriage, dangerous dogs and illegal firearms used by gangs and in organised crime.

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