Thursday, 16 May 2013

Gillow Breakfasts: Music, Champagne and Buskers

Landlord Mark promises NOT to play
the ukele at breakfast:
"I wouldn't want to scare the customers"
photo: Barrie Marshall
The Robert Gillow has been opening at 8am for breakfast since October 2012, and in keeping with owner Anthony Mark Cutter's business ethos he's decided it's time things got a bit musical.

From now on the pub will be serving breakfast as usual from 8am - Midday, but with a twist. Between 10am and 12 noon, that's everyday, there will be music performed by staff hired as part of the recent "Musical Bar Staff" recruitment campaign, as well as featured local artists and special breakfast events.  

The revamped breakfast menu will also feature the return of Champagne Breakfasts which have proved popular during special events such as Mothers' Day and Valentine's Day. On this Mark said:

"We have a fantastic wine list, including some great Champagnes. I think in this time of financial hardship, people are looking for the opportunity to treat themselves to something special now and again. If alcohol isn't what you really enjoy with breakfast we still have a great range of coffees, teas, and fourteen (I think) different fruit juices. As ever, children are as welcome as adults as we are a family place"

There are also already confirmed plans to host Jazz Breakfasts featuring guest artists during this year's Lancaster Jazz Festival in September and International Music Breakfasts during the Lancaster Music Festival in October.

However, it doesn't stop there. Starting this week, The Robert Gillow will be offering breakfast slots to buskers and other traveling musicians as part of their 'Busk for your Breakfast Scheme".

Speaking about the scheme, Mark said: "Lancaster has a fantastic tradition of street music, and through various Facebook groups and other online forums, I realised that many street performers are travelling a long way to stand on the (often) cold and wet streets of Lancaster performing to passing shoppers. Being situated between the train station and the city centre, we're in a perfect position to offer performers the chance to warm up (musically and physically) and earn themselves a breakfast, before taking to the City's streets".

If music isn't your cup of (locally sourced Atkinson's) Tea at breakfast time the upstairs room is available at The Robert Gillow for a quiet breakfast, or a special breakfast with a glass of champagne and can also be booked for meetings.

General Manager, Natasha Burns said: "People quite often see the pub full with musicians and music lovers, and might feel they can't enjoy a quiet drink or quick bite to eat. We have plenty of space upstairs, and are always happy to see the space used by customers whatever the time of day."

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