Monday, 13 May 2013

Local companies warn on perils of social media for business

Two Lancashire businesses, Jane’s Social Media and Quay Creative, have combined their skills and expertise to produce a training video that addresses a serious problem facing every business and organisation today.

They've now created a six minute programme that has been designed to simplify social media policy and raise awareness of what can go wrong; help employees understand the consequences of what they post on social media sites; give clear instruction about using common sense when posting; and to be easily accessible for all audiences.

You can view a short preview of the programme now on YouTube

Over 37 million people in the UK use facebook and more than 15 million have twitter accounts, so social media is really transforming the way we communicate with friends and acquaintances. But as more and more companies use it for marketing and communication, the lines between personal and professional are being blurred and this is where the problem lies for many employers.

“Social media for marketing is still relatively new in the UK and, although business owners can see the benefits of communicating with clients or reaching potential customers using sites such as facebook and twitter, there is still some confusion," explains social media trainer Jane Binnion. "Employers are failing to understand the importance of incorporating clear guidelines on social media in their staff induction and training.”

Following a study by, arbitration service ACAS estimates that misuse of the internet and social media by workers costs Britain's economy £14 billion every year.

It costs, on average, £10,000 for a case to go to tribunal and most and most are taking place because of personal use that has caused problems for an employer, for example a member of staff posting photos without understanding privacy issues or letting off steam without understanding who can see their post.

Rachel Gibson of Quay Creative, who created the video, says; “Many companies now have a social media policy to protect themselves and their employees but their staff may not realise that their personal page is visible too. This programme is designed to help staff understand the pitfalls of using social media and remind them that what they post can have an impact on their employer’s business and potentially their job.”

The six minute programme is available in three versions – as a generic programme with top ten tips and social media guidelines; as a branded copy with your logo and corporate identity; or a bespoke version with script, visual content and interviews that are relevant to your company and social media policy. It can also be incorporated into a training package.

The programme will be launched at a special event aimed at local businesses on Thursday 23rd May at The Dukes, Lancaster from 5.45 till 7.30. You will be able to see clips from the programme, enjoy some hospitality and network with other local businesses at the same time.

• If you would like to register your interest prior to the event you can do so by following this link

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