Sunday, 12 May 2013

Poets, Muscians and a Comedian put on the Spot(light)

Poet Jasmine Chatfield
Poet Jasmine Chatfield: part of this month's Spotlight line-up

Lancaster's regular Writers, Poetry and Music Spotlight is back at The Storey this Friday (17th May) with another eclectic mix of performers, opening with its expect-the-unexpected Open Mic session. Here's the guest list, which includes a mix of rising and returning talent, including the excellent musician Billy Pook, one of the winners of last year's Spotlight Slam.

Poetry: Jasmine Chatfield

With depth and subtlety, Jasmine's poetry can be seen to explain the individual, the unusual and the sinister, delving into the intriguing nuances which line human experiences.

Comedian Ste Price
Comedy: Ste Price

"I'm kind of like a sexy radish and tremendously funny," claims Ste. "Apart from when I'm being all deep and deadly serious. I'm well good at that.

"I like chips. The food, not the TV show. I can't really remember that all that well. They were on motorbikes, I know that much."

Poet Joe Haslam
Poetry: Joe Haslam

Joe, who styles himself Totally Radical Dude, studied at Lancaster and Morecambe college and lives in Morecambe.

He made his last appearance at Spotlight in September with a breathtakingly energetic performance of his rant-style poetry.

Poet Pamela Passi
Poetry: Pamela Passi

Pamela is a Fine Art student, currently working on a series of paintings that are centred around the combination of her writing and art. "I will be performing some of my most recent poems which so far involve subjects touching on butchers, goldfish, women, and water. But I'll probably write a bit more over the month and change my mind again."

Musician Billy Pook
Music: Billy Pook

Billy is a musician, poet and storyteller who adds a uniquely individual style to his performances

Chas Ambler
Music: Chas Ambler

Chas Ambler is one of the longest serving and best known of local musicians - he will be known to many as the long-suffering keyboard player to 'Your Dad' aka Ian Marchant, but he is also a gifted songwriter and will be showcasing his new collection of songs.

• Compered by Simon Baker, doors open at 8.00pm, admission £4 waged/ £2 students/unwaged/concessions. Spotlight works in association with litfest and might still be funded by the Arts Council. Web:


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