Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bus Fare rises next month

New bus fares will be introduced from Saturday 7th July 2013 on all services which are subsidised by Lancashire County Council as part of an annual fares review.

Lancashire County Council provides 103 local bus service contracts throughout the county. These are a mixture of subsidised daytime rural and urban services, together with evening and weekend services which compliment the overall commercial bus network.

Whilst the county council is responsible for setting the fares on these bus services, the 1985 Transport Act states that fares on subsidised services should not be lower than those fares offered commercially.

Fares charged on those bus services which directly operate alongside commercial routes, for example those services that are provided commercially during the day and are subsidised in the evening or where they overlap commercial routes, will be revised to match exactly the Adult Single fares charged on commercial bus services.

Those local bus service fares not linked to commercial bus service fares will be increased on average by 3.3% in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

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