Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Morecambe MP welcomes rise in rise in rail passenger numbers

Morecambe MP David Morris has welcomed figures released by Lancashire County Council which suggest that rail passenger numbers have increased significantly at Carnforth railway station since 2004/5 - and for other local rail services.

According to the County Council figures, In 2004/ 05, 149,649 people used Carnforth Station. That figure has significantly increased by more than 40,000 passengers in 2011/12 to 191, 306.

“In recent times I have worked with the Carnforth community to promote Carnforth Station as a tourist destination," said Mr Morris, "and as a green way to travel into the Lake District. The increase in figures further backs up my calls for more connectivity at Carnforth.”

“The Secretary of State for Transport is currently consulting with Virgin Trains about picking up passengers in Carnforth, if this gets the go-ahead I hope that even more people will use Carnforth and I would encourage constituents to write to Virgin Trains in support of Carnforth Station.”

The figures also show that nearly 25,000 (24,964) more people use Morecambe Station than they did in 2004/5, over 10,000 (10,147) more people use Silverdale Station and nearly 25,000 (24,601) more people use Bare Lane Station.

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