Wednesday, 26 June 2013

On Target: Robin Hood takes a flight...

Noel White practices archery for his role as Robin Hood.
Photo courtesy The Dukes

Robin Hood has been honing his archery skills to ensure he’s right on target for a fantastic summer in Lancaster’s Williamson Park.

Noel White, who plays the great outlaw in this year's Dukes outdoor walkabout theatre production, has been learning from the local masters - John O’Gaunt’s Bowmen.

“Using a bow and arrow is like second nature to Robin Hood," says Noel, "but the last time I picked up a bow was as a kid so the archery lessons have been useful.”

As well as learning the traditional skills of archery, Noel has also taken to Tweeting in character as Robin Hood. Anyone who’d like to find out more about the outlaw’s journey as he approaches opening night of the UK’s biggest outdoor walkabout theatre event, should follow him @RobinHoodLancs.

A long established Target Archery Club, the origins of the John O'Gaunt's Bowmen are thought to go back beyond the recognised reformation date of 1788. Proof is difficult as many of Lancaster's records were destroyed in disastrous fires in the 16th and 17th century. It was also known as a Society not a club.

As well as actors the Club welcomes beginners (ideally, juniors should be at least 11 years old and accompanied by an adult). They have a good selection of equipment that can be borrowed / hired, and a number of experienced archers willing to give tuition. Disabled archers are also welcome. The club currently has a visually impaired member.
Robin Hood opens on 5th July 5 and runs until 10th August. To book tickets, ring The Dukes box office on 01524 598500 or visit

John O'Gaunt's Bowmen - Official Site

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