Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pao Pao Lancaster closes its doors, lease up for sale

The Pao Pao coffee shop on King Street, part of the complex that includes Tesco Metro and the Travelodge hotel in Lancaster, has closed and the company's web site is currently a blank slate.

A notice on the door reads "Closed due to unforseen circumstances".

We understand that the business, which opened last January in Lancaster, is partly owned by either the landlords or Reco-Build, the fit out firm.

As with other Pao Pao outlets in the north west, the leasehold on the business is up for sale - for £150,000 - with the sellers enthusing that "the level of footfall that the business receives is one of the main reasons why the business is so desirable."

Obviously not enough footfall for them to stay open... but unlike one scathing reviewer of Pao Pao Manchester, we don't think the "unforseen circumstances" have anything to do with a plague of zombies.

Established in 2010, the privately-held brand (Pao Pao means "daily dose" in Brazilian), which had some 50 employees, had been in a phase of expansion across the North West, rapidly acquiring sites in key locations.

I-Am Wow LTD & Curveline Design worked closely on this look of the Lancaster outlet, along with the Pao Pao team, "to deliver their vision and expectations".

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