Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Chance To Find Out About Special Constables

Lancashire residents can find out all about the roles of Special Constables in a question and answer session on Twitter on Friday 27 September.

Hosted by Special Constabulary Chief Officer Nigel Walters between 3pm – 4pm, people can tweet @LancsSCCOTeam their questions on everything on how to get involved, what work they do, what commitment is required and application testing.

The question and answer session is the second to be held over the last couple of months after the last one in August was a huge success, with more than 40 questions asked in 60 minutes.

Chief Officer Walters says: “The Q & A's bring the online public closer to communicate with real officers in real time, albeit through a computer. We can demonstrate the professional and human interest side that is often not portrayed in the media, as well as explaining our Special Constabulary application process.”

Lancashire Constabulary has a total of 443 Special Constables. They have full police powers and perform the same duties as regular office. These can range from general patrol to policing of football matches and road traffic incidents.

Last year around 400 Special Constabulary officers contributed over 120,000 hours of volunteering, working alongside their regular police officer colleagues and police community support officers. They wear the same uniform as police officers and are issued with the same equipment.

Aged 18 and above, they work flexible hours with a minimum requirement of four hours per week. Anyone interested in finding out more about the work of the Special Constabulary should call 01772 410392.

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