Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Fracking films screening set to stir campaigners

Two films being shown at Lancaster's The Borough on Thursday night offer insights into the issues of fracking – and action against the technology which campaigners fear will not only damage the local water table but is also an inefficient energy source whose actual costs are being covered up by big businesses and government.

An hour of short films aims to get enable people to get more informed about the risks of
fracking and the growing resistance against it. The screenings will be followed by a short
update on the situation since the films were made, and chance to think and share ideas and suggestions on what could be done to stop it.

Risky Business is a hard-hitting Al Jazeera documentary showing the health and environmental impacts following the introduction of fracking in Australia and the broad-based campaign against it; from farmers locking their gates against fracking companies to massive public demonstrations.

Doreen's Story is a short animation, which you can also view on Youtube, outlining the current situation in the UK, with a particular focus on Lancashire.

There will also be screenings of film clips showing how police responded with violence during protests against Cuadrilla in Balcombe, where hundreds of people from around the country joined local people in direct action against fracking this summer.

The screenings will be followed by a discussion on tactics for fighting fracking.

"This won't be a forum for a debate on the pros and cons of fracking," say organisers.

• Fight Fracking Film Night, The Borough, Dalton Square, Lancaster. 7.30pm Thursday 24th October. More info here on the Frack Off web site

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