Friday, 4 October 2013

Heysham M6 Link Road: court judgement is a blow but common sense can still prevail

The legal challenge to the HM6L was heard in July at the High Court in Manchester.  The challenge was launched by  Transport Solutions for Lancaster and Morecambe and the judgement was announced today, rejecting the challenge. 

The High Court judgement is a setback for those who object to the bypass but it is not the end of legal challenge possibilities and the case against the road is so strong that further action is in the pipeline.

Commenting on the High Court judgement today local transport expert John Whitelegg said:

“The judgement is as full of holes as the original case for the bypass itself but there is still time for common sense to prevail. The result of the detailed examination of these issues in front of a High Court judge confirms that the road will not ease congestion problems, will lead to the loss of over 1000 jobs, will saddle county council taxpayers with a £12 million debt and will destroy the green belt.

"The fact that it took a judge 72 days to make up his mind on this legal challenge shows that it was not an open and shut case and our efforts to scrap the road will be stepped up.”

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