Friday, 1 November 2013

Skerton High Saved?

Skerton High campaigners on the terrace at the Houses of Parliament with David Morris MP. Photo courtesy Hands Off Skerton

The future of Skerton High School looks like it might be on a better footing, after news broke that it may become an academy.

Information is still a little scant, but according to a posting on the Hands off Skerton Facebook page, an officer from the Department of Education is to visit to the school and make an assessment.

From there they will then make a recommendation as to what happens to the school and it does looks as though the school will convert to an academy.

"This is something that we will fight for," says a campaigner fighting to keep the school open. 

"There is still work to be done and a load of official stuff to work through. But , we've made huge progress in the last 24 hours and everyone should now be really optimistic for the future of the school."

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Anonymous said...

we will fight to keep skerton chs open no matter what they call it the kids deserve this school the best 1 around