Monday, 9 December 2013

Morecambe man imprisoned for robbery and burglaries in hometown

Paul Moss
Paul Moss,  a 42-year-old man from Morecambe was today imprisoned for a total of four years and nine months for a robbery on an 84-year-old woman, trespassing with intent to steal and handling stolen goods.

Moss, from Morecambe, but of no fixed address, was sentenced to three years and nine months’ imprisonment at Preston Crown Court having pleaded guilty of committing a robbery.

Moss was also then imprisoned for a further eight months having pleaded guilty to trespassing into a dwelling with the intent of committing a burglary, and another four months’ imprisonment having pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods. The sentences are to be served consecutively, meaning Moss was sentenced to a total of four years and nine months’ imprisonment.

The first offence took place on Sunday 18th August of this year when Moss assaulted an 84-year-old woman on Pedder Street, Morecambe, stealing her purse and the money it contained. The second offence took place on Tuesday 30th July when Moss entered an address on Queen Street, Morecambe, with the intention of committing a burglary. Finally, the third offence took place on Thursday 25th July of this year when Moss handled copper piping that had been stolen from an address on Deansgate, Morecambe.

DC David Bell of Lancaster CID said “Moss has committed a number of offences in a short period of time, all of which have caused distress to his victims, and so, we welcome the custodial sentences that have been handed down to him today.

“In particular, to target an 84-year-old victim going about her shopping is utterly disgraceful, and Moss should be ashamed of himself.

“That is not to take away from the other two offences," he continued. "The theft of the copper piping from the address on Deansgate caused significant water damage to the property and distress to the victim. Hopefully, the sentence given to Moss today will give them some redress.”

The sentencing comes as Lancashire Constabulary are running Operation Julius, targeting criminals and detecting burglaries across the county.

It will continue to run until the end of December, and will see officers using a range of overt and covert tactics including visits to Lancashire’s top 30 burglary suspects, executing warrants and high-visibility police patrols.

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