Monday, 9 December 2013

The Duo back in Lancaster for festive gig

News reaches us of a fab’n’whizzo of folk event to keep you amused and happy between Christmas and New Year. Wow, you say, what can that be?  Well….

The Duo – From Folk to Floyd will be playing at the Golden Lion (Moor Lane, Lancaster) on Saturday 28th December 2013.

The Duo comprise singers and guitarists Dave Emptage and Tony Cooke, offering an evening of varied music and songs ranging from traditional folksong through material by the likes of Paul Simon, John Lennon and David Bowie to some out-and-out rockers and a couple of Pink Floyd numbers.

Dave and Tony both play acoustic guitars, although these are enhanced from time to time by the use of some electronic wizardry, and specialise in performing songs with strong melodies and good vocal harmonies.

They tend to start the evening with softer ballads and folk songs and gradually raise the tempo throughout the two sets to reach a point where people are either singing along or have left.

The Duo will start, as usual, shortly after 9.00pm and perform 2 sets of songs, ending at some little time after 11.00pm. Get along, have a drink or two and enjoy the music – you won’t be sorry (you’ll be dead glad).

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