Thursday, 5 December 2013

Wild weather hits Lancaster and Morecambe

The River Lune earlier today as the largest storm surge in 60 years hit. Photo courtesy Michael Yates Photography
The largest storm surge in 60 years on the River Lune has caused some flooding today while, elsewhere, Morecambe sea front was hit by gale force winds and other storm damage caused problems across the district.

Due to high winds the Williamson Park and all buildings are closed until further notice. The Lancaster Guardian reports cars have floated out to sea and people are trapped inside VVV Health and Leisure Club in Morecambe.

Despite the surge, the Quay flood barrier has done its job and protected houses and businesses from major flooding.

Local Michael Yates captured the storm surge on the River Lune and has posted stunning pictures of the river itself and resulting flooding on the Facebook Lancaster Past and Present group.

Ladies Walk and the subway between the Millennium Bridge and Lune Street were flooded, but St. George's Quay seems relatively unscathed.

City Council staff are out in force to deal with problems caused by the gales and high tide, as leaves blocked drains and street furniture was blown where it shouldn't.

Barricades blown into Owen Road this morning. Photo: John Freeman

Local reporter Nick Lakin has posted several photographs of Morecambe seafront on Twitter.

"You could really feel the power of it all, scary yet really exhilarating," he commented.

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