Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Met Office issues severe warning for wind

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Lancashire County Council is alerting people to a 'red' warning issued by the Met Office for severe wind affecting the county today. 

According to Met Office advice, this could result in structures such as power lines being affected, trees being brought down, and damage to buildings. 

The council is gearing up to keep the county moving in the event that trees and other debris block roads and is asking people to consider the conditions before travelling. 

Met Office advice during severe wind includes: 

• Not to drive unless really necessary, and to travel in daylight hours if possible
• Not to touch any telephone or electrical wires that have been blown down or are still hanging
• Keep vehicles clear of buildings, trees, walls and fences
• Check on vulnerable neighbours

Highways teams have been put on standby to remove obstacles such as fallen trees and to temporarily close roads for safety if they are affected by debris. 

Any problems on the roads should be reported to Lancashire Highways on 0845 053 0011. 

If there is an immediate risk to life please call the police by dialling 999. 

For regular updates on the weather: 

• Check the Met Office Severe Weather Warnings 

• Follow the Met Office on Twitter 

• Like the Met Office on Facebook

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