Monday, 24 February 2014

Sunday Assembly comes to Lancaster

The cultural phenomenon that is the Sunday Assembly is coming to Lancaster. In cities across the world, non-religious community groups are gathering (normally once a month) to hear short inspiring talks, sing secular songs together, drink tea and eat cake, and to build a community. 

The first Lancaster Sunday Assembly will take place at 11/00am, 16 March 2014 in the Gregson Community Centre on Moorgate. The topic, aptly, is ‘Beginnings’.

The Sunday Assembly motto is: Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More. 

Anyone is welcome. The Assemblies were set up originally by atheists looking for something ‘like a church’ and the content is purely secular (no references to god), but people of any religion can also come along. 

• To find out more, like our facebook page or call Ruth on 07887732547.

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