Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Friends of Greaves Park campaigner to fight Scotforth by-election for Greens

Abi Mills and Natalie Bennett. Image: Lancaster Green Party
The Green Party has selected Scotforth resident Abi Mills as its candidate in the upcoming Scotforth West local council by-election. Abi was a main force behind getting funding for the Play Area in Greaves Park and has lived in Scotforth West since 1996.

“I am delighted to be standing for the Greens," she said. "There is lots that needs doing in the area to improve it – such as cleaner streets and a better footpath link across Greaves Park to Bowerham school. I would really like to be elected onto the City Council to be able to expand the work I have already been doing.”

Abi is married with three children, who all attend local schools, and has lived in Scotforth West since 1996. She currently runs her own business as a Childminder and as a mentor for students studying for their Early Years Teaching Status at Lancaster University. She is also the Co-ordinator of the Friends of Greaves Park.

Chris Coates, Green City Councillor for Scotforth West, said: “Abi is well known in the community and would make a brilliant councillor for the area. We are facing a number of challenges in Scotforth at the moment. Not least the proposals being supported by the Labour Party to build up to 8000 new houses on green fields to the South of the Ward.”

The by-election will take place on 22nd May, the same day as the European elections.

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