Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Live at LICA Art & Community Day on 10 May invites your ideas for a Fair

Live at LICA (Lancaster University's public arts programme) are hoping to hold a contemporary arts and crafts fair in the near future.

Does this sound of interest to you? If yes, then they’d very much like you to join them at their Art & Community Day (more about this below) on Saturday 10 May from 12 - 4pm in the Peter Scott Gallery in the Great Hall complex at Lancaster University, for a conversation about how best to approach it.

The fair could include artists, makers and writers wishing to sell or raise awareness for their paintings, sculpture, object d’art, furniture, screen prints, photographic work, fashion, textiles, jewellery, published material, writings, poetry, music or anything designed or handcrafted that could be relevant to a contemporary arts and crafts fair.

SO if you make or produce any of the above and would be interested in taking part in such a fair, to be held on campus at Lancaster University, then please get in touch by emailing as they'd love to hear from you.

You're invited to join in a conversation about how best such a fair could be organised together during the Community Arts Day,

You are also invited to show your work in this regard on Saturday May 10th itself.

To join the conversation and/or bring something along to Live at LICA's Community Arts Day to show (or perform) in relation to the fair then please get in touch by emailing

Live at LICA's OPEN Arts Project  6 - 10 May
The Community Arts Day will conclude LICA's 'OPEN' Project week which runs from Tuesday 6 - Saturday 10 May.

During the day there will also be workshops, talks about Art and the Community and a chance to meet one of Live at LICAs supported artists - Amy Sharrocks - to hear about her community focused project Museum of Water. Which water would you choose to keep for posterity? Amy will be taking your bottled donations for the Lancashire edition of her Museum featuring water given to her by members of the public.

Ellie Harrison and Roshana Rubin Mayhew will be presenting a preview exhibition of their upcoming project with Live at LICA, What is Left? Since 2012, Ellie and Roshana have been visiting members of the public in their own homes, around Lancaster and the broader region, to take photographs of them with, and to interview them about objects they have inherited from people who have died.

The Imitarium will also be exhibiting noir-in-a-box where three-dimensional hologram-like performers appear and compete for your vote.

TED-talker Hetain Patel will present a free preview of his first solo show 'American Boy' on Thursday 8 May at 7.30pm in the LICA Building on the Lancaster University campus.

American-born Ali Mathews will present 'SERVUS!' on Friday 9 May at the Scott Gallery. SERVUS! is a one-to-one performance experience for cash, in which the audience member is invited into a bespoke shoe-shine combined with an iPod-induced auditory hallucination. Depending on each participant’s price threshold, he / she might receive simply the soundtrack, the soundtrack and the shoe-shine or - for the thrillseekers - sustained eye contact with the performer for the duration of the shoe-shine. What is service worth to you?

You can book a free 1 to 1 performance by Ali lasting 15 minutes between 12noon and 4.15pm on Friday 9 May at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University. Just email

Events are free but are likely to be very popular so you are advised to book in advance at
where a full schedule for the ‘Art and Community’ Day and all the OPEN events that week will shortly be appearing.

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