Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Charmaine Childs , the Human Carousel raises smiles on Bank Holiday Saturday

Australian strong lady Charmaine Childs as "Betty Brawn" thrilled the crowd in Lancaster's Marketgate on Bank Holiday Saturday by showing her unique talent for picking up men. She hefted her volunteers bodily, had them trample on her tummy and finally picked up both at once as "The Human Carousel."

• Charmaine's website is http://www.strongladyproductions.com (Strong Lady Productions)

All photos courtesy and © Alan Phillips

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Chris Satori said...

I saw her, she was superb. She laid out like a decorator's plank with her head on one stand and her feet on another, raised a couple of feet off the ground, and had a grown man stand on her unsupported stomach. Smiling and chatting all the way through. Charming Charmaine, it's great you came all the way from Oz to show us your guns in action. Loved it.