Monday, 12 May 2014

When is a a Tory not a Tory? When they want students to vote for them?

The Labour List has drawn our attention to some odd posters that have been popping up around Lancaster University’s campus recently, in support of Daniel Aldred, a candidate in the upcoming Lancaster City Council by-election.

Given the fact that most of the electorate in the ward are students, some of them perhaps more than slightly aggrieved by having to pay £9000 a year in student fees, it seems local Conservatives are trying to play down the fact that Mr Aldred is their candidate.

Their posters - plastered across the university campus, we're told - focus on student issues: student housing and a tough line against the now called-off marking boycott. But there's no mention of what political party he’s standing for, just that the posters are promoted and printed by “NLCCC” in the small print at the bottom.

Who? Why, the North Lancashire Conservative Campaign Centre of course. Isn't it obvious?

Mr Aldred's poster opposing the marking boycott

And the obfuscation doesn't stop there, because even on his Facebook page, there's no obvious indication that the fresh-faced Mr Aldred is a Tory candidate.

We're a bit mystified by this approach and we're wondering if it's a marketing tactic that will be employed by the Conservatives when the General Election arrives next year. Are they that ashamed of their record?

As we previously reported, the candidates for the University Ward of Lancaster City Council are Daniel Aldred (Conservative); Jack Filmore (Green Party); Stuart Langhorn (Independent); James Leyshon (Labour); and Oliver Mountjoy (Liberal Democrats).

Full details of local by-election candidates and Euro Election candidates here

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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant hahaha. I love the fact he's trying to run on 2 issues that the anti capitalist group have been campaigning on for years. At no time have any of the conservatives on campus shown any support. Just to mention that Jack Filmore (green candidate) actually has been and is far more likely to continue this is in office than daniel aldred