Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Woman’s Place is in the lab

Dr Valerie Bevan from
Lancaster University
A Woman’s Place is in the lab, according to a Lancaster University event focussing on the careers of women in science, technology and engineering

Hurdles still exist for women who wish to further their careers in science, both in industry and academia.

This event entitled “A Woman’s Place ..?” on 12th November 2014 brings together the latest research and best practice from both sectors, with a range of speakers and interactive workshops.

Speakers include Dr Carol Marsh from the Women’s Engineering Society on gender balances, Dr Valerie Bevan from Lancaster University on women’s place in science, Professor Takruri-Rizk from Salford University on gender segregation and Dr Jo Heaton–Marriott from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston who is also the Chapter Lead of Science Grrl Lancashire on how science is for everyone.

There are also workshops on unconscious biases and the recruitment, retention and advancement of women. 

• You can register at http://physics.lancs.ac.uk/events/

• The event is organised by Lancaster University's Women in Physics group together with the University’s Department of Engineering:  

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