Thursday, 16 October 2014

LGBT readers invited to online survey - 21st Century LGB&T Life in Lancashire

The Lancashire Lesbian, Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGB&T) organisation would like to research some aspects of what  life is like for LGB and / or T people in Lancashire at the moment, and so have put a survey together.

The survey is for people who identify themselves as LGB and / or T only. Lancashire LGBT would like to encourage as many people as possible across Lancashire to complete the survey as it will help to give a far more accurate picture of LGB&T need in the county.

You don't have to give any personal details - it is anonymous - and it will only take around 10 minutes to complete.  Lancashire LGBT tell us that it is really important as not only will it help the organisation understand what more work needs to be done, it will inform the decision makers in the county – for example health services, support services, police etc. about what the needs of LGB&T people are and what needs to be improved or changed.

To take the survey and also to find out more about Lancashire LGBT go to:

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