Friday, 10 October 2014

Yarn Caster 2014 draws to a close

It's the last weekend to enjoy Yarn_Caster 2014 and explore the project's Yarn_Caster Trail around Lancaster's historic sites, including Lancaster City Museum, Maritime Museum and the Judges Lodgings.

Discover some of Lancaster’s hidden gems by following a delightful trail of woolly wonders around the city and marvel at the amazing artworks, lovingly handmade by the members of our local community.

All of the events and knitted artefacts you'll find around town have been created to coincide with British Wool Week and will be distributed to local charities when the display closes.

Catherine Bleasdale, who works at Lancaster City Museum and was part of the team behind the project, tells us they started gathering ideas and wool back in April to crate the artefacts for this project. While some have suffered a little in recent downpours, the effort put in is obvious, so why not take the trail and see what's been created.

• The official web site for the project is here, or you can follow YarnCaster on Facebook or Twitter

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