Thursday, 11 December 2014

Occupying Lancaster students win negotiation rights

Lancaster University House Occupation  issued a public statement on 5 December and you can read it  in full on their facebook page here. It begins:

"We, the occupiers of University House at Lancaster University, December 2014, have suspended our actions as the University Management have consented to enter into negotiations with LUSU and other independent members of the student body. In on-going meetings observed by student media, the issues to be discussed will include: 

• the increase in fees for postgraduate and international students; 
• the rise of university accommodation rent; and 
• greater student involvement in University Management decision-making. 

This follows direct action on Wednesday 3rd of December, which involved a group of activists occupying C floor of University House as part of a wider protest organised by a national campaign against university fees and cuts."

The students wondered in handing out biscuits and, as we reported on the day, staff retaliated by refusing the students access to loos and water. They also drafted in a private security firm. and claimed that they were unable to pay student staff as a result of the occupation.

According to subtext, on 4 December, a banner was removed from the Lancaster University Student Union (LUSU) offices where it was locked overnight. In the morning it was gone. When LUSU officers reported the loss, the Head of Security informed them that he had confiscated it for 'profanity in a public space'.