Monday, 15 December 2014

Solstice celebrations at Atticus

We reported that last week that Atticus on King Street are giving Lancastrians a traditional pagan Christmas this year, to celebrate the midwinter solstice this Saturday, 21st December - and now we have more details.

Visit the shop - which is dedicated to raising funds for the Tasikoki Wildlife Centre in Indonesia at this event -  and see a traditional pagan Santa, and play seasonal solstice games such as the Scandinavian ‘Hide the Goats’ with a prize for the last one found.

There will also be other activities, too: join in the Sun Biscuit offering ceremony to ensure the return of Spring in 2015!

The event is entirely free, with a selection of traditional yule-time refreshments provided and will run from 12 noon until 4.00pm.

• For more information call Atticus on 01524 903383 or email

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