Monday, 23 February 2015

Photography competition: Lancaster's hidden treasures

Local photography enthusiasts who love Lancaster will know that there are many great aspects to the city that maybe aren't photographed as often as others; architectural mysteries or hidden views from unique vantage points.

Independent Lancaster are looking for all of the possibly unseen or unappreciated treasures of Lancaster in their photo competition on facebook. The winner will be chosen by popular vote and their prize will be the joys of appreciation and 2 tickets to the Lancaster Comedy Club at the Borough, which features well-known comedians from throughout the UK. The runner-up will receive a £10 gift voucher from Studio Arts - the place in Lancaster to get expert advice on art materials for your creative projects.

If you've never entered a photographic competition before, this is a great way to begin.
The competition is open now until 11.59pm on Monday 9 March. Local artist and graphic designer Jack Knight of Independent Lancaster, who is organising the competition, would like you to submit a photo that captures something special about Lancaster that people may not have noticed before.

Your photos can receive votes until the contest closes. All you have to do is visit the 'Photo Contest' section of the Independent Lancaster Facebook Page (click here) and upload your image.

NB The image shown above was taken by a close acquaintance of this blogger. I selected it to illustrate this article because I could get permission immediately, so it was simply the handiest. There are more, fascinating photos at the competition site, unlocking interesting aspects of our city that you may not have previously noticed, and they are well worth a visit, whether you choose to enter or vote, or not.

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