Friday, 6 March 2015

An invitation to experience Sensory Art - blindfolded

Local Sensory Art Makers present the art exhibition “Sense and Memory” opening on Saturday 14 March from 1 - 3.30pm until Friday 20 March at Morecambe Library.

The exhibition is a collection of artworks produced by 16 visually impaired members of Galloway’s Society for the Blind.  These artworks will form a truly unique exhibition exploring the themes of ‘sense and memory’.

Participants have attended workshops, coordinated by Fine Art students at Lancaster University which have been an opportunity for them to work with malleable materials such as clay and mixed media. It is an invitation to consider sight at a period where we often take it for granted, certain it may change our perceptions of what a sensory art exhibition could or should be. Visitors can experience the collection of works with a visual impairment first hand as sight is temporarily removed with the use of blindfolds.

The general public are invited to gain an understanding of what it is like to experience an art exhibition once sight is removed. This is a free event but all proceeds and donations will go directly to Galloway’s Society of the Blind as they are currently in the process of upgrading their centre to provide better facilities for their members.

Nia Coleman, Vision Services Coordinator at Galloway’s has said on the exhibition: “Their fantastic pieces of work will be part of an excellent Art Exhibition exploring ‘sense and memory’. This is an open exhibition for the general public so please tell your family and friends!"

Entry to Morecambe Library is free. The library is closed on Sundays.

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