Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Dock of the Bay 2015 Festival rolls into Glasson Dock this Easter Saturday

This Saturday 4 April sees the fabulous 6th annual Dock of the Bay Festival roll its way into Shabby Meadow, Glasson Dock and Glasson Dock Village Hall  from noon 'til midnight.

So leave your home and you won't be wastin' time and you can't be lonesome (see what I did there?) and you're likely to be dancin' as well as sittin' - the festival features an impressive packed line-up on the fabulous Melodrome Stage in the meadow where you'll also find the tasty Sound Bites Cafe.
The weather forecast for the afternoon and evening is calm sailing and fair weather,  hurray!

Here's the impressive line-up:

The Melodrome Stage on Shabby Meadow
12pm. 78's on the gramophone
12.30. YourDad
1.05. The Situates
1.30. Joe Haslam
1.45. Charlie Parker Tribute
2.25. Lucky Red Wig
2.50. Richard Davenport
3.00. Greenheart
3.30. Alan Whittaker
3.40. Chat show with Lionel Spume and Sir Gideon Vain
4.10. Carmel and the Devil
4.40. Möbius Loop
5.15. Miniking
5.50. Emma and the Professor
6.20. Guns of Navarone assemble for the 61 gun salute to sister Ignatius

Village Hall Stage
7.00. Guns of Navarone 61 gun salute finale
7.30. James Atkin (former EMF frontman)
8.25. Get Carter
9.15. Captain Hotknives
10.05. Dohnut
11.05. Baksheesh

The suggested entry donation is £5 but nobody will think you aren't cool if you put more in :-)
For more info visit the Dock of the Bay on facebook or Tel 0845 330 7565

Ends piece with harmonic whistling uncannily like Otis Redding - all together now: 'peep PEEP peep peep-peep.....'

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