Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Litter pickers give district a facelift

Outside the Trimpell Club: Before and After 

Local volunteers have been giving the district a makeover - cleaning up litter blackspots, clearing overgrown pavements and footpaths and even laying hedges.

Litterpicks have been undertaken across Lancaster and Morecambe by our local City and County Green councillors and prospective candidates. And, credit where it's due, this isn't just a pre-election showpiece - pulling together teams to clear overgrown and litter-strewn alleyways, footpaths, leisure areas and threatened beauty-spots is something that local Greens have been doing regularly for years.

An open ditch outside the Trimpell Club in Morecambe (pictured above) that was festering with discarded rubbish had a makeover at the weekend thanks to a team of hardy volunteers along with Poulton Ward Green Party council candidate, Clare Long Summers.

City Coun Abi Mills worked with a team of local volunteers tackling a dangerously overgrown footpath alongside Ashton Road.  It was cleared and cleaned by the hardy team in hi-viz vests working at the roadside and making a safer journey for pedestrians. You can see a video of their work here.

Mayor-elect Jon Barry worked alongside a team of volunteers got things shifted along the playing fields cyclepath in Lancaster and County Coun Gina Dowding's team has been giving alleyways a facelift in residential areas.

Coun Caroline Jackson joined a team taking on woodlands around the Ridge estate while Green Party parliamentary Candidates Chris Coates and Phil Chandler have been working like troopers at several of these events. The walk alongside the River Lune at Skerton is greatly improved now, as residents and visitors to the area will appreciate.  If they get elected all that experience of shovelling away rubbish may well come in handy.

Here are some pictures from these events.  We're sorry if we missed any out, they've been happening thick and fast. Keep your pictures coming!

Abi Mills + team on Ashton Road

Mayor-elect Jon Barry (centre) + team clear a cyclepath in Lancaster

Caroline Jackson + team restore local woodlands to natural peace

County Coun Gina Dowding (left), Parliamentary candidate Chris Coates
and Coun Abi Mills  + team get stuck in

Parliamentary candidate Phil Chandler (in stripes) + team
take on the riverside walk at Skerton
Dukes Ward Councillor Dave Brookes (at back) and team
remove a mountain of litter from the Aldcliffe Road area

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