Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Alfred Street Recycling Site to close, branded eyesore by locals

Lancaster City Council is to close Alfred Street recycling site in Lancaster after local residents said it had become an eyesore.

In November last year, the council asked residents in the area for their views on the site and the vast majority felt that the site had become a hotspot for flytipping and that they would be happy to recycle using their kerbside recycling boxes.

The banks will be removed in the next few weeks and it will then cease to be a recycling site.

Anyone who regularly used the site can recycle the following items in their kerbside recycling boxes:

• Paper including shredded paper, catalogues, telephone directories, gift wrap and cards and junk mail
• Cardboard (large pieces can be placed at the side of your boxes for collection)
• Glass bottles and jars
• Food tins and drinks cans, foil, aerosols and large sweet/biscuit tins.
• Plastic Bottles
• Textiles and shoes can be placed in labelled carrier bags at the side of your recycling boxes for collection.

The nearest recycling site is now located in the car park on Thurnham Street, Lancaster where you can recycle glass, cans, paper, small electrical items and textiles.

Anyone requiring any recycling boxes should contact Lancaster City Council’s Customer Services Centre on 01524 582491.

If you have any queries regarding the closure of the recycling site, you should contact the council’s waste and recycling team tel. 01524 582466. For more information on waste and recycling in the area visit www.lancaster.gov.uk

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Anonymous said...

annoying - diiffult to cart stuff around if elderly or frail and without a car. We need more localised places not less