Saturday, 30 May 2015

Popular "Duo" Back at The Golden Lion - and strum their way onto YouTube

On Saturday 6th June - just around the corner - The Duo – from folk to Floyd will be playing at the Golden Lion, Moor Lane, Lancaster. 9.00pm-ish kick-off, as usual, ending at 11.20pm or thereabouts.

Hoo-bloody-ray you cry, and rightly so for the news is not confined to that anouncement, oh no......

Just so you can see what the band will look like, the errant pair have debuted on that YouTube thing thanks to Gorgeous Media, who have posted a number of videos in which you will find The Duo monkeying about with guitars at the Golden Lion the last time they played there six months ago. Have a look, why don't you?

But... when you do - think not this provides a substitute for attending their gig on the 6th, as it doesn't. The clips are only part of the songs 'n' tunes, see?

For the full thing you have to get along on 6th June. Yes, we did just mention the date again. Cunning, eh?

• The Duo – from folk to Floyd:

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