Monday, 2 November 2015

Help yourself to stay well this winter

Getting a flu jab could help vulnerable people stay healthy over the winter months and Lancashire County Council is urging people to get vaccinated and is offering advice to help people to stay well.

In particular, they're targeting people with long-term health conditions, people aged over 65, pregnant women and parents of children under seven.

The aim is to help people to stay healthy, reducing the need to get medical treatment or go into hospital.

County Councillor Azhar Ali, Cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: said: "By preparing for winter, you can reduce your chances of getting ill. Flu can make you seriously ill and can be fatal in some cases.

"Certain groups are much more likely to catch flu during the winter. We’d particularly like to see an increase in the number of pregnant woman and children age two to four who get a flu jab.

"It's now quicker and easier than ever, with jabs available at your local GP or chemist.

"If you're entitled to a free flu jab, you should get a vaccination before winter sets in and the chance of getting flu increases."

More than 75% of over 65s in Lancashire received a flu jab last year, compared to the national average of almost 73%.

But for people under 65 in 'at risk' groups in Lancashire, just over 53% were vaccinated last year. This is higher than the national average of just over 50% for England.

Councillor Ali added: "It's important to think ahead, before you start to feel unwell. This campaign raises awareness of what people can do to help themselves to stay well, to help everyone this winter.

"Even if you had a flu jab last winter, you'll need to get another one this year, so that it is updated to protect you against the latest flu strains."

Here are some general hints to help yourself and your friends and family to stay well through the winter:

• Make sure that you get any prescriptions before 24 December, to reduce the need for medical help during the Christmas and New Year period.
• Complete the course of prescription medicines.
• Keep as warm as you can and stock up on winter food supplies, in case you feel unwell and can't go out.
• Keep an eye on any of your friends, neighbours and relatives who are elderly or frail.

• For more information about flu vaccinations, contact your GP or local chemist.You can also find out more about staying healthy during winter by visiting:

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