Friday, 20 November 2015

"Safety Last" film screening at The Gregson

Next month's screening by Lancaster Silent Movie & Classic Film Club is the nail-biting "Safety Last" starring Harold Lloyd. Everyone is welcome to this not for profit event.

"One of the most nail biting sequences in film history that leaves you continually catching your breath," says organiser Ray Turner. "Lloyd really was as high as he seems to be and performing all manner of daredevil stunts on narrow ledges, flag poles and, of course, a clock.

"We are also thinking of arranging a 6.30 showing, for children (maybe won't do the short film). Would anyone be up for that?

"For the earlier show (if it goes ahead) we won't charge the full amount. You can just give a small donation which we will put towards our club.

"It is a brilliant film (about an hour and a quarter long so won't take too much concentration on the kids part) that I would expect children from about the age of eight or nine would be able to enjoy and follow as long as they can read a little bit."

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