Friday, 29 January 2016

Festival of Questions Come to Lancaster Next Month

Next month sees the Festival of Questions across Lancaster - a three-week programme of special events, panel discussions and cultural projects, at venues across Lancaster in February 2016 with some speakers proving so popular their events have already sold out.

A festival concerned with domestic and global issues highlights include:

  • Afghan refugee turned politics major and author Gulwali Passaralay joins ex-Demos Director David Goodhart, journalist Homa Khaleeli and BBC broadcaster Colin Grant to help answer Should We Welcome Refugees?
    Owen Jones
  • Columnist and commentator Owen Jones on The Politics of Hope, his vision for an ethical, equality based approach to British politics. The Dukes is running his appearances and after the first night sold out, during the Festival has invited him back to appear in May, information here
  • Beirut based Tania El Khoury's Gardens Speak - an immersive interactive sound and theatre experience allowing audiences to connect with the oral histories of Syrian men and women who lost their lives in the conflict.
  • Belgian artist Sarah Vanhee debuts the UK premiere of Oblivion making visible the hidden reality of waste denial within western consumer society.
  • David Kynaston, author of Austerity Britain (dubbed 'book of the decade' in The Sunday Times) joins campaigner Melissa Benn and writers Shiv Malik and Lynsey Hanley to ask in today's society - Are We All 'In It Together?

•For more information and the Festival brochure, bookig etc visit:

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