Friday, 8 January 2016

Marathon Manic Ivory Playing Promised at the Robert Gillow!

Left to right: Landlord Mark Cutter, and pianists Andy Whitfield, Jack
Spencer, Bill Roberts and Bill Wilding. Photo by Barrie Marshall
A twelve hour piano playing session will take place at the Robert Gillow in Lancaster on Saturday 23rd January. The team of ivory tinklers who entertain regularly at the pub have agreed to do the free marathon stint to help fund an upgrade to the venue's very own instrument.

"One of the things that makes the Gillow special is its regular piano sessions, but we'd played our old one so much we'd pretty much worn it out," musician Sue Parish explains. "So we were very grateful when publicans Mark Cutter and Tash Burns recently bought us a new instrument. And we're joining forces and playing for free to help pay for a complete overhaul to make it even better.

"We'll be taking it in turns, doing two hour stints from midday through to midnight," adds colleague Bill Roberts, "and we all play different styles and repertoires so there'll be lots of variety throughout the day.

"The money saved on musician's fees will go towards the upgrade, and we're inviting listeners to chip in if they feel like it.

"There's room at the piano for more than one player, as well, so there may be some impromptu duets as members of the team hand the musical baton on!"

The schedule for the event is as follows:

12 noon - 2pm Sue Parish
2 - 4pm Bill Wilding and Diane Parsons
4 - 6pm Andy Whitfield
6 - 8 pm Bill Roberts
8-10pm Simon Hilton
10 - 12pm Jack Spencer

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