Monday, 29 February 2016

Mapping Resistance: Lancaster Groups Working to Confront Government Austerity

Community group Transition City Lancaster are working on a mapping project that tries to put all the various groups that make the Lancaster area supportive and more resilient against all the changes that are happening under the government's austerity measures and the accumulating crises. This Mapping Project is one of the projects that will be discussed at the group's next meeting at the Friends Meeting House on Wednesday 2nd March (7.00pm).

They've already created an online map of community activities that they are adding data to that show all the amazing community activites that build local resilience.

"We want this resource to be as comprehensive and freely available as possible," says one of the project team members, Steve Jenkins. "We expect to repeat this process at future meetings."
If you can't make this meeting, Transition City still want to know about your project. Please send them a brief descrition of your activities, where you are based, how people can contact you (website/ email/ phone/vname), what your main focus is,whatever you feel you want to share to

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