Monday, 11 April 2016

Fund Raiser Launched for shop dog Dottie after vicious attack

Friends of the owners of popular Lancaster shop dog Dottie are raising funds to pay her vet bills, after she and her walker were repeatedly attacked by a dangerous dog last Thursday afternoon (7th April) on Quay Meadow - but was saved by a brave group of teenagers who rushed to help.

Dottie is owned by Andrew and Lynne Long, who run the Slip Inn Lane Emporium and was being walked by Mandy Holten, who adores her.

Dottie was playing with her favourite ball moments before she was suddenly attacked by a pit bull type of dog.

"It was a totally vicious and sustained attack from a dog that was completely out of control," says Mandy, who is currently walking with a crutch after the horrendous attack. "Time slowed down. I was in shock.

"We were at the end of the walk when the dog appeared from nowhere and attacked Dottie savagely, shaking her like a rag doll."

Luckily, both Dottie and Mandy were rescued by a group of teenagers - but it was far from easy and they put themselves at risk to do it.

"Four teenage boys got the dog off Dottie three times," Mandy says, "but they couldn't hold it because it had no collar and was very powerful.

"It kept coming back to attack again.

"I was afraid Dottie would bleed to death," she admits. "I had her in my arms a few times and it dragged her out. When I tried to hold her above my head, the dog savaged my left arm.

Dottie's injuries after the attack
"I think we might both have been killed, except a man with a dog on a lead appeared. He began to shout, the attacking dog turned and then attacked his dog. The second victim has injuries to the muzzle and stomach.

"The man managed to get the dog under control using his spare chain lead. In the mean time a 17-year old girl helped me and Dottie to escape. We headed for the nearest safe place which was the train station.

"Dottie would not have survived a fourth attack. I will always be grateful for the kindness of strangers.

"Dogs are let off the lead in the meadow to exercise," says Mandy,  whose stick coat and backpack were ruined in the attack. After police investigated, they told her that the girl had only got the dog that same day from a charity and they had told her the dog was ok.

"If they have no more sense than to give such a powerful dog to a slip of a girl who can't hold it there is something sadly amiss," feels Mandy.

Dottie spent Thursday night at the vets on a drip after the attack to replace fluids, administer painkillers, antibiotics, and anti inflammatories. Her wounds checked and stitched and she is now at home after her awful ordeal.

"We'd like to send a special thank you to the group of teenagers who helped to rescue Dottie," says co-owner Andrew Long. "Whilst Mandy was trying to fight off the dog, their efforts eventually allowed her to escape with Dottie.

"Our thanks also go to another dogwalker who helped out whose dog was also bitten; and also to James Glass at Lancaster Veterinary Centre, who stayed late to treat Dottie that evening.

"She was lucky, and she is a strong little dog. What affect this will have on her mental state however remains to be seen.

"And we are proud of, and grateful to, Mandy, for standing up to the attacking dog, risking her own safety in the process."

Friends of Andrew, Lynne and Dottie have rallied to raise £275 to help pay the unexpected vet bills, raising £75 so far.

"Dotty is a rescue dog and was found wandering the streets of Bolton, scavenging for food," fund raiser Clare Long Summers told Virtual-Lancaster. "It's possible that her previous owners may have abandoned her due to an eye problem and the associated vet bills. So it's very sad that another traumatic event should've happened to her."

Virtual-Lancaster understands the dog that attacked Mandy and Dottie will now be destroyed.

You can help Dotty back to health by donating here

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