Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Highway Code cracked: more than 40 rules changed!

Following a high-profile campaign from the Cyclists Touring Club, the Government has agreed to amend the Highway Code to improve cyclists' safety and to encourage drivers to take more care around vulnerable road users. In total over 40 rules have been changed to the benefit of cyclists.

In Lancaster, the proposed changes, which would have denied cyclists the right to cycle on roads, would have meant they would have had to cross two lanes of busy traffic in parts of the city centre in order to use cycle lanes provided but badly located.

CTC has been working with the Department on these changed words for the past month and we are delighted that the Government has decided to make these improvements to the Highway Code.

The CTC say they had intensive negotiations, but the Department for Transport has listened and the new wording is a definite improvement.

CTC Director Kevin Mayne said "I am also delighted for CTC as an organisation, for our staff, members and supporters. This has been nearly two years work and a huge investment of our resources. We thought at several stages during the process we had achieved the outcomes we sought, but now we have an agreement we can work with.

"I am convinced that at the final stage of the process only CTC could have achieved this outcome with our focus, our knowledge, our ability to bring together the whole cycling movement and the respect we are given by government."

The new version makes clear that cyclists have every right to cycle on the road. Rules 61 and 63 state that cycle lanes and cycle facilities, are "not compulsory" and the decision to use them "will depend on your experience and skills".

CTC is asking cyclists to sign their petition to support the new wording and their campaign.