Friday, 5 December 2008

Protesters' Statement to Centros

Centros... at the heart of urban degeneration...
Why are we here?
We've come to the offices of Centros today to peacefully demonstrate against the planned invasion of our town and our community by this development company.
Just as Centros has come to Lancaster and forced itself on our community, so we are now coming to Centros directly, to let them know we cannot allow them to destroy the environment and soul of our town. The development that is planned for Lancaster is almost half the size of the existing town centre. That means that either Lancaster town centre will grow by fifty percent, or that the old town, with many small independent shops, will rapidly turn into a ghost town. Neither option is acceptable.
Hundreds of people have taken part in protests against this development, and thousands more have signed petitions and voiced their opposition. But a debt-ridden council and a company based in London have decided they have the right to decide Lancaster's fate. We're here to tell them they don't.

Centros & Climate Change...
The reality of climate change is no longer being denied - the international community has recognised we need to act now to prevent massive and unprecedented world-wide destruction. If we take this threat seriously, developments like that proposed by Centros simply cannot happen.

It is inconceivable that developments that encourage car journeys and unsustainable consumption habits can continue in the face of global climate chaos. We need to start changing the way we live, work and consume, and the plans laid out by Centros epitomise everything we need to stop doing.

Real Sustainability...
Many other individuals and groups have offered their own visions of a truly sustainable and community centred regeneration for the same site. Real green spaces - not trees in tubs; local shops - not multinationals; sustainable transport solutions - not an almost three-fold increase in parking spaces and the destruction of existing cycle routes.
Centros needs this development to go ahead, because that's how it makes its money. Lancaster, and the planet, need this development to stop right now... and a truly sustainable alternative to be chosen instead.

Something's got to give...
The lives, jobs, health and well-being of the thousands of local people who would be directly affected by this proposal, not to mention the state of the planet, must take precedence over the short term interests of Centros.
Utlimately, we believe we have not only a moral, but also a legal right to prevent this development from going ahead; if we're going to stop climate change, we're going to have to stop developments like this.
Please visit the following sites for more information about other campaigns against Centros, the threat of climate change and the economic and social impacts of such developments:

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