Friday, 8 February 2008

Bypass Gets Go Ahead

The Secretary of State has decided to give planning permission for the Heysham-M6 link road.

A decision on funding the road (estimated to cost around 160 million) will be made separately by the Government.

The news will come as a blow to campaigners trying to bring some sanity into local transport planning.

"This is a heavy blow for our district and the planet’s climate," commented Green councillor Emily Heath, "but the campaign is not over yet!"

Local business and Labour Party politicians have long argued for the road, despite arguing against the route now decided for many years. (Skerton Labour Party, aware at how much traffic this wil generate on Owen Road etc., even has policy against it). Sadly, pro-road campaigners rallied behind the argument of "Northern or Nothing" in desperation, even though local media such as The Citizen and others campaigned in favour of the original "Western Bypass" option which lorry drivers would be more likely to use.

Read the Inspector's Report in Full (PDF format)